Monday, 30 March 2015

Thank you Mr. Postman

After many years of waiting to get all my other stuff finished I got a nice little parcel in the post yesterday... 2 Polybian Roman army packs from those terribly nice chaps at Rapier Miniatures.

It has been my intention to move to 6mm for over 6 years but sadly my mountain of lead was such that my long suffering wife wouldn't let me spend any more money until I had got near the end of what I had in front of me.  Thankfully though my negotiation skills are such that I managed to convince her to let me spend some money while Rapier had their Christmas postage sale on... GBP3 postage for any size order anywhere in the world!!  On reflection I wish I had got the Carthaginians too but there is always next year, rubs hands and cackles.

I bought a few sample packs of these fellows when I went to Sheffield Triples in 2011 so I knew what I was buying but after placing the order I got terribly itchy feet and decided to paint a few samples, just for fun.  These are the results...

2 bases of hastati and principes, at the moment 14 men to a 40x15mm laser cut metal base but my intention is to base them 16 to a base for heavy and medium foot, 8 for cavalry and 6 to 8 for light foot. 

I love 6mm.  They are easy and quick to paint, cheap to buy and post and most importantly you can have an army with 1000s of figures in it without having to play on the back lawn!  For me the mass effect is the main drawcard, bearing in mind that ancient battles had often upwards of 50000 soldiers per side.  A 15mm army of 500 or so figures really doesn't cut it for me anymore.

In the long term I would like to have at least 2 large armies from each of the Field of Glory army list books (my friend Andrew reckons I'm a megalomaniac) before I move on to WWII.

So all I have to do now is finish my 15mm ancient Indian army, should take me about another 4 weeks.  I hate being impatient.


  1. Having seen these guys up close they really are magnificent.

  2. thanks Mark, photography isn't really my thing.