Friday, 24 May 2013

Yanks defend the town, 1944.

 This was a game of Blitzkreig Commander played against Richard and his formidable SS. 

The yanks set up to defend the town against incursions.

Initial deployment of the tanks (M4A1s) and tank destroyers (M10s) with some towed 76mm AT guns.
 The AT guns ready to deploy.
 Infantry shelteing in the church graveyard awaiting the inevitable onslaught.
 Just show us where to shoot sir!

 Logjam!  This was one of those battles where deployment was critical but as I had to set up first I had to try to get my armour into the thick of it asap hence the doubling up.
 I see Kraut armour!!!  Panzer IVH(?)
 Engineers and infantry guns rush up to take the centre.  Tigers... oh shit!
 I sink ve heff a target, her hauptman!

 Hans!  Americaner ahead
 Nice overhead shot of the American inital deployment.
 Here come the Panzers.  Left flank under seige.
 Fall back... Tigers!

 Oh dear.  Those 88mm guns certainly pack a punch at long range.

 AT guns ready for action

 This is what happens when yuo get assaulted by infantry with lots of close up bazookas!  Tigers looking pretty shaky
 Arty spotters doing a great job bringing rounds home.
 I love bazookas!
 AT guns giving out a pasting.  Panzer IVs thinking twice.
 Unfortunately somebody forgot to mention there was 3 tigers!
The Germans won on this occasion but took considerable losses.  This is a new game to me, a lot was learned, some mistakes were made.  Looking forward to the next game.