Monday, 26 January 2015

Some pics of my Fallschirmjager

A few shots of my Fallschirmjager platoons.  I've been sitting on these for about 4 years and got a notion to paint them at the end of last year.  Unfortunately I haven't quite worked out the best settings for my camera so the pictures didn't turn out brilliantly.  Following is the best 5 shots from about 80 that I took.
This force consist of 2 platoons of rifle/MG, 9 stands per platoon with commander, overall company commander and company 2IC, a platoon of 4 HMGs with commander and a platoon of NbW35 10.5cm mortars with commander and spotters.  I bought the mortars by mistake thinking they were ordinary infantry mortars.  All figures are Battlefront Miniatures.
The camo pattern is my interpretation of Splittermuster 31, splinter pattern.  One thing I noticed when researching this force is that most painters paint headbands on the helmets however I could only find 1 picture in hundreds that actually showed it in real life.

Heavy machine guns

The best picture I took was of the backs! 
No, they are NOT retreating!

Mortar commander

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