Saturday, 15 August 2015

Scots Greys, Waterloo re-enactment.

Its been a long time between posts, I really should be more motivated.

Having been involved in this hobby for 40+ of my 48 years on this earth I have finally painted a Napoleonic unit... the Scots Greys.

This period is really not my thing, I'm an ancient gamer at heart but I was invited to take part in the Napoleonic Wargames Society re-enactment day organised by the ubiquitous Mr. H.  I have to say I'm glad I did. The day itself was magnificently organised, tables groaning with lead and lots of "Nappy heads!" around. 

See these posts for further details...

The figures themselves, supplied by Mark are from the excellent AB range and were beautifully cast with little flash and no deformities.  One quibble I have is that the troopers with sabres at rest had a web of metal between he left leg and saddle cloth that needed to be removed but this was quite simple if the metal was fairly thick.  This small issue aside, I cannot recommend AB enough but bear in mind my experience with these figures is limited.

And so to the Greys...

Reminiscent of Lady Butler's epic painting

Forward lads

they are NOT retreating

Officer and bugler on temporary bases

On the day, ready for action
I cannot take credit for the basing, only the painting. 
On the day they acquitted themselves quite well making a headlong dash directly at Mareschal Ney, the look on Richards face was priceless!  Sadly le brave des brave didn't end up le mort des mort and escaped with a red face.

In the meantime I have not been painting much due to work commitments etc but my 6mm Polybian Romans are well under way.  The first of 3 legions is finished, the second undercoated and ready to go.  Pictures soon.