Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Test pictures of my new Scottish army.

This has been a mammoth undertaking, over 2 years in the painting alone, 800+ figures from 10 different manufactures, re-spearings, laser cut metal bases, endless testing of varnishes and the list goes on!

The reason it has taken me so long is that I am a constant procrastinator.  In between painting this army there have been side projects for myself - 101st airborne division, hundreds of SS infantry  and artillery figures in peadot camouflage (NEVER AGAIN!!!!) for Richard, dallyings in 6mm, more SS, more paratroopers etc.

The army is meant to represent the Scottish army of Robert III, around 1390 but over time grew to be a generic late medieval army.  In fact, I can play most lists from the Field of Glory supplement storm of arrows, the only exceptions being Welsh, Irish and some of the Iberian armies.  Over time I hope to add some Hussite wagons just for fun.

The roll call is as follows:  (All designations and descriptions are for Field of Glory)

80 bases of HF offensive spearmen,
12 bases of HF heavy weapon,
12 bases of HF pikemen,
8 bases of HF dismounted knights,
18 bases of MF longbowmen,
18 bases of MF crossbowmen,
6 bases of LF (NOT a typo) longbowmen ,
8 bases of LF handgunners,
4 bases of Scottish knights,
4 bases of Burgundian knights,
4 bases of hobilars,
4 bases of Northern border horse (LH),
2 bases of CV crossbowmen,
3 bases of LH crossbowmen,
2 artillery pieces,
18 bases of field fortifications,
4 generals and a dedicated camp.

A massive list I'm sure you will agree.

 I still have 6 bases of knights that I will attempt at some time in the future to give me more options and I am still trying to decide what figures I like to use as Scots highlanders.  At the moment I cant tell you when that will happen.

Most of this army is manufactured by those excellent chaps at Corvus Belli and as such match my 100 years war English army but there are also significant contributions by Essex Miniatures, Old Glory, Legio-Heroica, Black Hat Miniatures, Peter Pig, Feudal Castings and a fantasy manufacturer from Germany whose name escapes me but no longer produce figures (I bought all my crossbowmen and most of my pikemen 2nd hand at a club weekend).  The camp and attendants are all by Baueda.

The reason there are so many manufactures represented is that I wanted to have soldiers of different sizes and builds in my ranks to more accurately show the diversity in human sizes.  This has resulted in bases having up to 4 figures from different manufactures and adds to the visual aspect.  I should note that most of the longbowmen, Scottish knights, hobilars and border horse are by CB and all of the crossbowmen are by the un-named manufactures.  I found it hard to settle on a single manufacturer because not all of the figures I wanted were available in a single range.

After much research I have modelled my army on the premise that Scottish knights fought dismounted in the front rank and that most of the soldiers were peasant farmers.  As such I have tried to represent these knights in livery of sorts surrounded on the same base by 2 or 3 retainers similarly attired and the rest of the ranks as mixed peasantry and experienced soldiers.  In the movies it is easier for massed armies to be shown similarly attired so that the viewer can distinguish between sides but as wargamers we are a bit more savvy as to what constituted an ancient or medieval army.  I will leave it to the producers of such movies to justify their armour and weapon choices.

And so to the pictures...

These are very rough, hastily convened images intended to show the diversity of figures.  All terrain, buildings and figures are by me.  English knights were painted around 6 years ago (and show it).

Comments are welcome.

The Scots defend the village urged on by their general

Bowmen defend the flanks

Nice overhead shot showing deployment

The camp
The English (BOOOOOOOOOO!)

I have managed to get the boys on the table only once so far, against Richards Later Crusaders.  The Franks didn't put up much of a fight and broke before my centre or left could get into the fight.