Saturday, 27 December 2014

Getting my Scottish army into the field

Had a few games with my new army but the pictures haven't worked out too well so I'll post this link to Mark H's blog as a stop gap measure instead.

Sadly after their first outing against a late Crusader army they haven't been too successful, mainly because they have faced large quantities of medieval German pikemen!  (No jokes about crap dice thank you.)

Anyway, check out Mark's link and enjoy.  As soon as I get some decent pics I'll post them.

In the mean time I have been painting WWII stuff again, this time for myself.  Currently being varnished are some M4 Shermans, MGMC quad .50cal half-tracks, Calliope Shemans and a few other bits and pieces.  Nearly finished is a Fallschirmjager heavy weapons platoon and heavy mortar platton.  Pics as soon as they are all finished.

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  1. At least we know it was the dice, not the throwers.